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The Cannes Cannes Express will be back on Thursday 24 November, to help celebrate the return of Companionship.  

The Autumn Companionship Gathering will take place at The Clachan, on Thursday 24th November from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

It will be a chance for our Companions to once again greet each other by saying either ‘My dear old chap’ or ‘Ma’am how wonderful’, and socialise the Cannes Cannes Express way, yet again.

Our Companions are very special people and accordingly the invite list is a very exclusive guest list, and it should include you! However, guest numbers at the Clachan are limited and we may need to operate on a first come first served basis.  So please respond asap to have your name on the guest list for the evening.

We are looking to resume travel arrangements in March 2023 but numbers will be limited.  At the Autumn Companionship Gathering, we will provide further information about our plans for next year.

The Autumn Companionship Gathering organisers are  Jones Shackel Oldham, Carolla and Gunnercooke.

During the disruption since 2020, the Cannes Cannes Express has not left the platform.  We are accordingly again acknowledging the kind supporters who have helped the Cannes Cannes Express to continue.

And not forgetting the creative genius of KYEO STUDIO

We couldn’t run the Cannes Cannes Express without great support, so please also support them.

PLEASE NOTE that attendance is by invitation only and this will be strictly enforced.

For more details about networking opportunities with the Cannes Cannes Express and the Autumn Companionship Gathering please email voyages@cannescannesexpress.com .

Keep up to date and follow the Cannes Cannes Express on Twitter@CannesExpress