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Cannes Cannes Express checks out Throttled Frog Ale

  17.02.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express team has made a research visit to the Brightwater Brewery on Platform 3 at Claygate Station to check out the production of the next consignment of

Throttled Frog Ale makes a come back for 2020

  12.11.2019   Newsdesk   News   No comments

By popular demand the successful Throttled Frog Ale is making an appearance at the Cannes Cannes Express Autumn Reception.  The Autumn Reception takes place on Thursday 28 November 2019 from 6pm

Throttled Frog revealed

  31.01.2018   Newsdesk   News   No comments

A beer that reaches parts other beers can not has been revealed by the Cannes Cannes Express to celebrate events on the TGV. Legend has it that a Companion can