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Companionship returns for Summer Away Day on 12 June 2024

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SECURE YOUR SEAT BY BOOKING EARLY Cannes Cannes Express companions will have the opportunity to refresh their companionship genes on  Wednesday 12th June 2024, with a special Summer Away Day

Cannes Cannes Express delegation steams off to MIPIM

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The weather forecast is looking very pleasant for springtime in the South of France as a powerful delegation of Cannes Cannes Express Companions plan on joining top decision makers at

Companionship triumphs ahead of MIPIM 2024

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A heartfelt thank you extends to all the fantastic Companions who graced the pre-MIPIM reception in central London and made the Cannes Cannes Express reception yet another unforgettable experience. To

Cannes Cannes Express train travel times to MIPIM 2024

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There are still a couple of seats available for the 2024 Cannes Cannes Express so don’t miss out if you want to travel alongside like minded property professionals.   Cannes


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Companions planning to attend MIPIM 2024 and travel on the Cannes Cannes Express can reserve their seat with a £100 deposit. Only 24 seats will be available on the Cannes Cannes

Companionship triumphs at MIPIM 2023

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The sun was shining, the conference halls and stands in the Palais were full and the promenading along the Croisette was simply Magnifique. The main MIPIM conference featured a strong

Companions board 2023 Cannes Cannes Express

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Companions from across the property industry have joined the 2023 Cannes Cannes Express and are travelling across France en-route to this year’s MIPIM. This year the elite group of Companions are

Two can join the tango of Companionship

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There are 3 basic steps of tango: the Open Step, the Forward Cross, and the Back Cross. However, for this year only, we’re planning the Cannes Cannes Express Companionship fourth

Let Companionship carry you to Cannes for MIPIM 2023

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Companionship is at the heart of Cannes Cannes Express travel, it’s soothing, engaging and peaceful. So if you’ve not done so already, book your place on the 2023 Cannes Cannes

Cannes Cannes Express 2023 tickets

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The Cannes Cannes Express is back and Companionship is restored.  For the first time in four years, Companions will be able to experience Cannes Cannes Express etiquette when travelling to