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For the fashion-conscious Companion planning a beach holiday, here are a few tips to avoid falling foul of breeching swimwear etiquette. Also, there are still a few seats left to travel on the Cannes Cannes Express to MIPIM 2024.

Modesty is highly valued by Cannes Cannes Express companions, and swimwear reflects this sentiment. Above all, swimwear should conceal rather than reveal. The idea is to maintain a modest appearance, and exposure of the body is considered inappropriate. The clothing designs should preserve the wearer’s dignity and avoid any immodest display of the figure.

Women’s swimwear should consist of long, ankle-length bathing dresses made of wool or flannel. These dresses typically featured long sleeves, high necklines, and skirts that reach the ground when out of the water. The purpose is to cover the body as much as possible while allowing for movement in the water.

Men’s swimwear should typically consist of one-piece swimsuits, often called bathing costumes or drawers. These suits covered the upper body and extended down to the knees, providing modesty and coverage.

Bathing machines were once commonly used but are not always available. When you can make use of machines they should be wheeled to the water to allow women to enter the water discreetly. They also provide privacy while changing into bathing attire.

Women typically wear bathing caps or hats to protect their hair and keep it in place while swimming. These caps are usually made of rubber or fabric and covered the entire head, often adorned with decorative elements. Men may occasionally wear accessories, such as swim caps or straw hats, to protect their heads from the sun while at the beach.

It is not unusual for women to have a male escort or a designated chaperone while swimming or at the beach. This practice ensures that women are properly supervised and protected from prying eyes.

Cannes Cannes Express companions place great emphasis on social decorum. While swimming or engaging in beach activities, individuals are expected to maintain proper behaviour and observe the rules of etiquette. This includes avoiding excessive physical contact, refraining from loud or boisterous behaviour, and showing respect for others’ privacy.

While these general guidelines reflect the prevailing norms for Cannes Cannes Express companions, there may be deviations and regional differences.

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