Pre-registration opens for 2020 Cannes Cannes Express

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If you want to pre-register for the 2020 Cannes Cannes Express which will be steaming out of London St Pancras International on Monday 9 March 2020 then read on.

To register your interest please CLICK HERE.

Bookings will open on 1 December 2020 with an ‘early bird’ rate exclusively for established Companions. The itinerary, cost and booking details for the 2020 Cannes Cannes Express will be revealed on 28 November at the Cannes Cannes Express Autumn Reception.

As usual, the Cannes Cannes Express experience will include refreshments and suitable fare, throughout the travel experience. Seats are limited to 60, so please pre-register to secure a seat.

For established Companions we would like to clarify whether it is acceptable to do your make-up on public transport? A discreet application of lipstick or touch-up of mascara is fine, but applying full make-up in transit may annoy your fellow passengers. Avoid the hazards of jerky metros and dimly-lit trains by sticking with the bathroom mirror where possible.

There will be more tips about etiquette provided at the Autumn Reception

Bookings for the 2020 Cannes Cannes Express are limited to one ticket per person and two per company. 

We are delighted to welcome our sponsor Aston Rose who will be sponsoring refreshments, for which we are very grateful.

Any further enquiries can be made to voyages@cannescannesexpress.com