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The 2020 Companions Pre-Travel Reception will be held on 26 February. Companions who have a reservation on the 2020 Cannes Cannes Express can collect their tickets at this exclusive reception.

And to mark a new era of friendship we are able to extend an invitation to loyal Companions who are unable to join us on the 2020 extravaganza.

The Ticket Collection Reception will be held on the evening of Wednesday 26th February.

The Reception is a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow companions past, present and future!

Those rather wonderful people at Aston Rose, continuing their many years of support and sponsorship for CCE have, true to their very generous nature, agreed to host the reception at their apartment near Vauxhall Station overlooking the Thames.

Looking forward to seeing you on 26th.

Also we would like to thank and acknowledge our very generous Sponsors for 2020:

Aston Rose

Aston Rose:  www.astonrose.co.uk/

The Eighth Door:  https://eighthdoorclub.com/


Oander: www.oander.co.uk/



Cannes Cannes Express is a not for profit networking forum and we encourage all companions to make new friends ahead of the journey. While we facilitate the logistics of your journey, we are not a travel company and strongly encourage that you take the appropriate travel arrangements needed when venturing away.

Massive thanks to Campbell Marsh for their very wonderful creative services on behalf of Cannes Cannes Express.