Full steam ahead for the 2019 Cannes Cannes Express

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The 2019 Cannes Cannes Express will be steaming out of London St Pancras International on Monday 11 March.

The Cannes Cannes Express departs from London St Pancras International by Eurostar high-speed passenger trains which link London with Paris, via the Channel Tunnel, at up to 300kmph/186 mph. Passengers arriving on Eurostar at Gare du Nord can walk straight off the platform onto the concourse. Cannes Cannes Express companions will take an RER express metro to the Gare de Lyon. 

At the Gare de Lyon, the third busiest station in France, departing trains head southeast out of Paris. Cannes Cannes Express companions will have reserved seats on the upper deck of a TGV Duplex. Companions can relax, watch the French villages of the Rhone Valley pass by, catch up on emails and enjoy the company of your fellow travellers. To anyone who has only known the stresses of airports, flights and motorways, taking the Cannes Cannes Express is a revelation.



Depart London St Pancras International: 10.24

Arrive Paris Gare Du Nord: 13.47 

Transfer from Paris Gare Du Nord to Paris Gare De Lyon via RER Line D 

Depart Paris Gare De Lyon: 16.02

Arrive Cannes SNCF: 21.38