Companionship triumphs ahead of MIPIM 2024

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A heartfelt thank you extends to all the fantastic Companions who graced the pre-MIPIM reception in central London and made the Cannes Cannes Express reception yet another unforgettable experience. To those unable to join, we missed your presence, yet the camaraderie and enjoyment shared among us was again unparalleled.

A resounding applause is owed to Matt Tucker of Mortec, whose generous sponsorship made the evening possible. It is through the support of sponsors like Matt that we can orchestrate such remarkable events.

Special recognition is also extended to Marcus Wood of River Commercial for his previous sponsorship, a gesture that has greatly contributed to recent successes.

For the Companions journeying with us on the Cannes Cannes Express in March, we eagerly anticipate meeting you at St Pancras, bright and early. To those not on the train, we hope to connect with you at MIPIM, sharing insights and forging valuable connections.

In light of a recent cancellation, we find ourselves with one available seat. Should you or someone you know be interested, kindly reach out to us promptly. This seat deserves to be occupied, enriching the collective experience for all travelling Companions.

Thank you once again to our wonderful Companions for making the pre-MIPIM reception a resounding success.