Companionship returns for Summer Away Day on 12 June 2024

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Cannes Cannes Express companions will have the opportunity to refresh their companionship genes on  Wednesday 12th June 2024, with a special Summer Away Day to Whitstable in Kent.

The Cannes Cannes Express intends to steam out of LONDON VICTORIA during the morning, arriving in Whitstable in time for an invigorating promenade followed by sumptuous Cannes Cannes Express fish and chips.

When visiting the seaside companions will stroll gracefully along the sea wall walkway and in the charming streets of Whitstable. During the Cannes Cannes Express camino companions will be expected to observe our social rituals with meticulous etiquette.

Proper attire is essential; men may want to consider comfortable attire with either a panama or boater, while women may wish to don long dresses, hats, and gloves, reflecting the Cannes Cannes Express’s emphasis on modesty and decorum.

Promenading etiquette dictates certain behaviours.

Companions should walk side by side or in small groups, maintaining a respectable distance between genders. Conversation should be polite and restrained, avoiding topics deemed inappropriate for public discourse.

The pace of Cannes Cannes Express promenading is leisurely, allowing for socialising and admiring the surroundings. It is customary to acknowledge acquaintances with polite nods or greetings but to avoid prolonged interruptions so that Companions maintain the flow of movement.

Overall, promenading during a Cannes Cannes Express away day is a carefully orchestrated networking and social ritual characterised by elegance, restraint, and adherence to societal norms.

Not only will you be able to socialise the Cannes Cannes Express way, but you will be able to meet and network with fellow Companions.  The real estate topic for the day will be seaside town regeneration.

Super Off-Peak Train tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day from about £30 for a return (discounted if you have a rail card). Lunch with some Cannes Cannes Express style refreshments will be £40, cash payable on the day.

A Sponsor for the day would ease the purse strings for the Cannes Cannes Express. Anyone assisting would be very much appreciated and of course will receive suitable plaudits.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Please respond ASAP to put your name on the passenger list and contact us via the website or at voyages@cannescannesexpress.com. We can accommodate only 24 companions.

The Cannes Cannes Express organisers are  Jones Shackel OldhamCarolla and Gunnercooke .

A special thank you to George Faulkner from Ross Gower for arranging the Away Day.

And a huge thank you to our sponsors and great friends at both River Commercial and Smith Jenkins Planning and Heritage