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The Cannes Cannes Express is making plans to restart services and build back better. We can’t wait until we are able to convey our wonderful companions to and from Cannes when the next full MIPIM returns in March 2022.

We have received a few enquiries about travel to and from Cannes in September to attend the proposed short-form MIPIM. We are looking into the logistics to see if we could arrange for a small group of companions to re-establish the service.  If practical it would be be an opportunity to recreate the the early adventures of Cannes Cannes Express travel when companions set a new standard for MIPIM travel during the noughties.

Once lockdown is eased we will be arranging some uplifting, fun events for our very lovely and loyal companions…..not necessarily in London.  So watch out for a Cannes Cannes Express announcement during the spring.

We are missing you all and can’t wait to have you back on board……Sommelier Shackel has in the meantime been doing a lot of detailed research, all in aid of looking after our companions for the next time we gather.  Anyone who wants to enquire about the next events can contact us at  voyages@cannescannesexpress.com