Cannes Cannes Express delegation steams off to MIPIM

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The weather forecast is looking very pleasant for springtime in the South of France as a powerful delegation of Cannes Cannes Express Companions plan on joining top decision makers at MIPIM this week.

The Cannes Cannes Express steamed out of London St Pancras packed with ideas and bon viveur en route to Cannes via Paris with the Companionship delegation led by Captain Ken Smith, with some support from Andrew Shackel and Andrew Hardy.

As the Cannes Cannes Express chugs along, Companions will be exploring many topics including the real estate market, sustainable practices and economic developments, and the best cafes to do business in Cannes.

The Cannes Cannes Express itself is a marvel, equipped with real seats, tables and a selection of food and beverages while Companions travel through the splendid Burgundy, Rhone Valley and Provence countryside to the French Riviera’s spring sun on the Cote d’Azur.