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Cannes Cannes Express 2023 tickets

  15.11.2022   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express is back and Companionship is restored.  For the first time in four years, Companions will be able to experience Cannes Cannes Express etiquette when travelling to

Don’t miss out on 100% Companionship

  10.11.2022   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

Companions must not miss out on celebrating true companionship on Thursday 24 November.   If you have not done so already, please make contact to reserve your place at The

We’re back for more Companionship

  30.09.2022   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express will be back on Thursday 24 November, to help celebrate the return of Companionship.   The Autumn Companionship Gathering will take place at The Clachan, on

2022 Cannes Cannes Express cancelled

  26.01.2022   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

It is with massive regret that we have to announce that the Cannes Cannes Express will not be leaving the platform during 2022. Our team of engineers and conductors have

Companionship is returning

  3.11.2021   Newsdesk   News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express is returning to help our Companions travel to and from Cannes when MIPIM returns to its traditional dates in 15-18 March 2022. The footplates and brass handles are

Autumn Reception 2021: Book your place for more companionship

  12.10.2021   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

Companionship is returning to the Cannes Cannes Express on Thursday 4 November, and to help celebrate in a socially distanced and convivial environment, there will be a special brew of

Cannes Cannes Express is getting ready for MIPIM 2022

  7.10.2021   Newsdesk   News   No comments

Cannes Cannes Express Companions will be throbbing with excitement at the news that  MIPIM is coming back to its traditional dates in March 15 – 18 2022, in Cannes. And at

It’s almost time to get 2021 back on the tracks

  17.05.2021   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

Dust off your carpet bag suitcase. Dig out your blue or red passport. And get ready to experience that ‘pack your bags, we’re off to Cannes’ feeling again. Because it

Cannes Cannes Express is planning the next adventure

  16.03.2021   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express is making plans to restart services and build back better. We can’t wait until we are able to convey our wonderful companions to and from Cannes

A companion’s guide to online conversation etiquette

  30.12.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

During 2020 Cannes Cannes Express companions have faced many challenges. And none more so that learning the new rules of engagement while communicating on modern devices with advanced technology such