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Cannes Cannes Express is planning the next adventure

  16.03.2021   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express is making plans to restart services and build back better. We can’t wait until we are able to convey our wonderful companions to and from Cannes

A companion’s guide to online conversation etiquette

  30.12.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

During 2020 Cannes Cannes Express companions have faced many challenges. And none more so that learning the new rules of engagement while communicating on modern devices with advanced technology such

Merry Christmas to Cannes Cannes Express companions

  14.12.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

Merry Christmas to Cannes Cannes Express companions. We wish you all good health, happiness and safety during these difficult times. Events of 2020 will go down in the annals of Cannes Cannes Express

Cannes Cannes Express events postponed during the coronavirus crisis

  17.04.2020   Newsdesk   Uncategorized   No comments

During the coronavirus crisis all Cannes Cannes Express events have been postponed. Everyone is living in very challenging times and learning to cope with new forms of working. We encourage all

Save the day and check in for the May Reception

  16.03.2020   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The 2020 Cannes Cannes Express Spring Reception will be held on 14 May. The Reception was due to be a post-MIPIM event where Companions could renew old friendships and exchange

CCE steams out of London and Paris on time

  9.03.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Expressed steamed out of London St Pancras International this morning and Paris Gare de Lyon this afternoon, thanks to the endeavours of Cannes Cannes Express Companions who

NEWS ALERT: Latest on Cannes Cannes Express intentions for 2020

  1.03.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

Coronavirus has claimed its latest victim as Reed MIDEM, organiser of MIPIM has announced that the 2020 edition of the event has been cancelled and rescheduled to take place June

NEWS ALERT: Companions will not pull out or “Nous ne nous retirerons pas”

  27.02.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

Dear Companions, Many of you may have seen the news today of a number of major players pulling out of MIPIM: For those of you that couldn’t make it to

Cannes Cannes Express checks out Throttled Frog Ale

  17.02.2020   Newsdesk   News   No comments

The Cannes Cannes Express team has made a research visit to the Brightwater Brewery on Platform 3 at Claygate Station to check out the production of the next consignment of

Pre-travel reception 2020

  3.02.2020   Newsdesk   Events, News   No comments

The 2020 Companions Pre-Travel Reception will be held on 26 February. Companions who have a reservation on the 2020 Cannes Cannes Express can collect their tickets at this exclusive reception.