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Hat etiquette has evolved over time and can vary across cultures, so to help the discerning Cannes Cannes Express Companion who might consider wearing a hat this month here are some general guidelines. And if you’ve not booked, there are still seats available on the next Cannes Cannes Express.

  1. Removing hats indoors: In most situations, it is considered polite to remove your hat when entering a building, especially in formal settings such as churches, restaurants, theatres, and someone’s home. It is a sign of respect and allows for better face-to-face communication.
  2. Hats at outdoor events: Outdoor events like sporting games or outdoor parties generally allow the wearing of hats, as long as they are appropriate for the occasion. However, it is still courteous to remove your hat during the national anthem or any other significant ceremony.
  3. Hats in professional settings: In professional environments such as offices or business meetings, it is generally expected that men remove their hats upon entering. Women may choose to keep their hats on if they are part of their overall outfits, such as a fashionable hat or a formal hat for an event.
  4. Hats in social settings: When attending social events like weddings, parties, or dinners, it is essential to consider the formality and dress code of the occasion. If hats are part of the dress code or are customary for the event, you should follow suit. Otherwise, it is generally acceptable to remove your hat unless it is part of your outfit or serves a practical purpose, such as protection from the sun.
  5. Hat placement: When not wearing your hat, it is appropriate to place it on a hat rack, hook, or similar designated area. Placing your hat on a table, especially during a meal, is considered impolite.
  6. Consider others: Be mindful of others around you. Avoid obstructing someone’s view by wearing an excessively large hat in crowded spaces like theatres or cinemas. Additionally, be aware of cultural sensitivities and customs when travelling or interacting with people from different backgrounds.

Remember that these guidelines are not set in stone and can vary depending on the specific circumstances and cultural context. It’s always a good idea to observe and follow the practices of the particular social setting you find yourself in.

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