A companion’s guide to online conversation etiquette

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During 2020 Cannes Cannes Express companions have faced many challenges. And none more so that learning the new rules of engagement while communicating on modern devices with advanced technology such as Teams and Zoom.

The top five tips for conversation while you are online include:

  • When listening to others speak, please make them feel like the most important person by listening carefully and responding where appropriate.
  • Select your backdrop with care. A companion should have a copy of Bradshaw’s Handbook of Great British Railway Journeys on display at all times.
  • You only need to brag to people who brag to you but avoid sprouting humbug to companions.
  • Keep any comments short and sharp and avoid¬†one-upmanship. If someone is sharing good news, you are not required to make your news sound even better and more interesting; but it helps.
  • Wear either a scarf or cravat to protect your modesty.