2022 Cannes Cannes Express cancelled

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It is with massive regret that we have to announce that the Cannes Cannes Express will not be leaving the platform during 2022.

Our team of engineers and conductors have made a valiant attempt to build up steam but events have been conspiring against us.

The uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions, combined with compulsory wearing of face masks on TGV trains, plus food and drink not being permitted, meant that the unique companionship of Cannes Cannes Express travel would not be possible.

Eurostar and the TGV have been the spiritual home of the Cannes Cannes Express since 2007. Our companions and conductors have striven to create and share the opulence of the 1920s with a 21st Century twist.

The Cannes Cannes Express remains the only way to travel to Cannes if you want a networking experience of all networking experiences…on a train.

We have every intention of building up steam and running the next service in 2023. But to help companions overcome their disappointment during the remainder of 2022 we intend arranging some special Cannes Cannes Express gatherings that will help to keep the boiler warm.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming our companions and partners at the next Cannes Cannes Express experience.

If you are travelling to Cannes in March 2022 then to find out more about MIPIM 2022 CLICK HERE