Established in 2007 by a group of intrepid travellers, The Cannes Cannes Express is a networking opportunity for delegates travelling from London via Paris to conferences and exhibitions on the Cote d’Azur.

During the coronavirus crisis all our events have been postponed. We encourage all our Companions to follow public health guidelines and remain safe. We look forward to celebrating when life restarts after the lockdown.

Andrew Hardy, Andrew Shackel & Ken Smith
Cannes Cannes Express

Appropriate behaviour is a priority and Cannes Cannes Express Companions are expected to behave during our events.

Find out more about Cannes Cannes Express events during the year and make the most of networking with Companions.

Discover the etiquette of Cannes Cannes Express travel by becoming a Companion and network at our events.


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Merry Christmas to Cannes Cannes Express companions. We wish you all good health, happiness and safety during these difficult times.

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Your reservations conductor is Mr Andrew J Hardy Esq.