Below is a short guide to how Cannes Cannes Express Companions are expected to behave during our events.

Intimacy or familiarity between companions is usually shown by calling each other by their title or a diminutive form. For example, the diminutive for the Earl of Shackel might be Shacks. A companion would refer to a noble as either my lord or my lady. A ‘knight’ should be referred to by adding their first name after ‘Sir’ or ‘Lady’. A gentleman commoner would be called by their surname.

Companions should avoid being over familiar. They should always, before approaching a fellow companion, obtain a formal introduction. Thereafter they should ensure, that their conversation is welcomed and the content is of a suitable and proper nature which should not stray onto personal matters. An ideal topic is the weather and the beautiful landscape.

Table etiquette is particularly important because it is the distinction between being polite and being a boor. During a meal, please do not chew with your mouth open or place your elbows on the table and be careful to avoid the extremes of gluttony or over daintiness. Strive to keep the table-cloth as clean as possible and use the edge of the plate or a side dish for refuse.

When listening to others speak please make them feel like the most important person in the Teams or Zoom room. Select your backdrop with care and have a copy of Bradshaw’s Handbook of Great British Railway Journeys on display at all times. You only need to brag to people who brag to you. Please avoid sprouting humbug to companions. Wear either a scarf or cravat to protect your modesty.

To find out more please contact:

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E voyages@cannescannesexpress.com
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